Information For MRO


Reports 247 Limited is committed to work with small, medium size and large Medical Reporting Organisations. We believe that having excellent working relationship with the MRO is key to upholding all the principles stated by Association of Medico-legal Reporting Organisations in their mission statement as follows

AMRO Mission Statement

An association dedicated to the promotion of professional standards in medical reporting and the maintenance of good practice in the presentation and use of medical reports and the conduct of medical experts in the course of legal proceedings in accordance with general principles of law.

At Reports 247 Limited we undertake the following

Provide appointments in a timely manner
Offer a variety of pathways to book appointments
Excellent choice of venues
Female reception staff at every venue
Chaperone as needed
Multilingual staff
Highest level of confidentiality
Observance of all principles outlined in GMC document Good Medical Practice
Good report turn around time
Good patient experience
No DNA fee for first non attendance
Abide by all principles of Medco
Dedicated email and response within 48 hours of your email
Hard working and caring staff
Accurate reports from a highly trained and experienced NHS GP

We expect the following from the MRO

Clear instruction letters with as much information about the incident as possible
Encourage the patient to keep their appointments
Process our submitted reports in a timely manner
Be loyal to Reports 247 Limited
Ensure you abide by the SLA and payment terms
Follow the principles and guidelines laid down by AMRO for best practice

Initial Offer: Your first 2 reports will be done free of charge.